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About The Hunts of Muker
Many Swaledale families left after the lead mines closed down. Their  descendants now live all over the world. When hiking up Gunnerside Gill, or  to the remains of the Old Gang lead mine, one can only imagine what it must  have been like in the late 1700s.

My Border Reiver forfathers have been difficult to research,there were so many   Beatties and Olivers living in the Corbridge area around 1830.

Thanks to Mike Nichols for Plewes and Corner family trees.

I would like to acknowledge the contribution of Dennis Ernest Hunt, 1924-2005, who  copied Hunt BMD from the church registers, in the 1970's and 1980's. Also Brenda  Hunt who mailed me Dennis's records.So many others have contributed , Susan from  Hamilton, Ontario,  John from Co Durham, Stephanie and Francis from Yorkshire. I also would like to thank Ann Wilson for the use of her American Hunt photographs, and Christine Amsden for help in sorting out my Hunt ancestors, and for the access to  her Yorkshire Dales website.Thanks to Peta Beck for her Gascoine Hunt Tree.

Also thanks to Olive Lilian Hunt, nee Corner for writing her story.Only Mother's memories,but her  seemingly outrageous stories have been reported in the contemporary Yorkshire press!Thanks to  Evelyn Hunt for piecing the unconnected tit bits of information into some kind of order

Thanks to Bob and Norma in Kimberley for helping with the Ontario Plewes family and old mills.

Thanks to David Howard for his contribution to the Lancashire and Swaledale Hunts.

Thanks to Marion Moverly for her Yorkshire Plewes tree from Parish Registers of Hauxwell and Marske. Check out my somewhat tenuous connection via Mary Plewes of Hauxwell to Frances  I'Anson,"The Lass of Richmond Hill" I used the book by Leslie P Wenham to add to my  data 

I have so far found no connection between the Jaques family of Easby Hall, and Elizabeth Jaques of  Brompton on Swale, although it seems both families are in the Finghall area in the 1600s. Likewise I can find no connection between my Isabella Ryder and Pat's Ryders of Coverham with  Horsehouse! 

 James Hird, b 1828 Owned and operated 3 mills on the River Swale, The Castle Mill, 1851, The Abbey  Mill, Easby,1871, and finally The Corn Mill, Arkengarthdale from 1881 until his death.

 My latest line of interest is the Plewes family and their occupation of building water powered  mills in the Canadian Province of Ontario.
 It looks like the first Plewes immigrant to Ontario was Thomas Plewes, b Bagby,Yorkshire,1786. His son John was b Brampton, Peel County Jan 1st 1835.


1.0 Acton Mills Black Creek,John Plewes,John died after falling into his millrace at his mill in  Acton,.John is buried in the Acton Pioneer Cemetery.A modern flour mill exists at the  same place today.The mill pond is now Fairy Lake park.
 In 1834 john operated a mill at Catwick Mills,Beverley,Yorkshire.

2.0 Everton Mills, Eramosa River,Hortop Mill, Currently owned by Grand River Conservation  Authority.The first grist mill was built by Rufus Evert about 1846, but was not operational until it was fitted out in 1851 by  Simon and William Plewes for profits.
 Directory of the Province of Ontario,with Gazeteer, 1857,
 Plewis, William and Bros, Everton,Wheat Merchants and Miller’s. The ruins of the old sawmill are on the north side of the Eramosa river. The flour mill on the south side was purchased by Henry Hortop in 1873 and was operating until the 1960's. Sadly the Hortop Mill burned down on  Jan 19, 2017. The weather was cold and wet. No electricity was connected to the mill. This was probably arson.

3.0 Plewes Mills,now Terra Cotta, Credit River, Simon Plewes, parts of Mill Race are viewable from King Street.The impressive Plewes house is a current residence and is located north  of King Street.Simon drowned in the Credit river May 1876, and is interred in Acton Pioneer  Cemetery.Simon founded the Trerra Cotta brick works,and owned the grist  and saw mills. Terra Cotta was formerly known as Salmonville and Plewes Mills.After the death of Simon, his mill  was purchased by his younger brother,David Plewes.( Nov19,1885, Acton Free Press) In 1906, an electric power house was built on the site of the Plewes grist mill.Power supplied the  Tera Cotta Pressed Brick operation.Source W D Mcllveen ,2014 Credit Valley Forum.

4.0 Kimberley Mill, tributary of the Beaver River,William Plewes,now a private residence. William  is buried in Vandaleur pioneer cemetery located between Kimberley and Markdale. The mill pond now forms part of a park. 

5.0 Glandore Mills, The Noisey River,Lot 32,2nd con of Melancthon Township, 19th C.William Plewes prop, John Plewes Miller, William Reid,Millwright. The ruins of the mills are upstream of County Road 124, Maple Valley, Ontario. The mill pond still  exists, but none of the buildings. 1872-1873 Simcoe Gazetta has William Plewes,Miller,William Reid  prop of grist and saw mills. James Stewart also had a planing and turning mill on lot 31, con 2.

6.0 Lavender Falls Noisy River Mill,Lot 1, Con 12,Notawasaga, Simcoe County, Ontario.Former 1864  Grist Mill converted to a Private Residence
 Sold to John Plewes of Euphrersia, Oct 24,1924.Stayed in the hands of the Plewes family until June  1940.

7.0 Meadowlily Mill , Thames Conservation, London, Ontario,William Plewes The ruins can be found in Medowlilly Park,London,Ontario
 Ref Archealogical and Built Heritage Background Assessment,Meadowlily Plan,London,Ontario.2010.

8.0 Kerby and Holmedale Flour Mills, Grand River, Brantford, David Plewes  The mills no longer exist but the mansion is now Riverview Terrace at 104 Brant Avenue.

9.0 Barkway Saw Mill, Bracebridge,Ontario.Under investigation.James Plewes

10.0 Shelbourne Roller Mills,James Stabler Plewes. A photo of the Mill is in the Dufferin County  Museum aand Archives.The mill burnt down in 1931.Under investigation.There is currently a car  dealership on the former mill site. The mill changed hands from J W MacFarland  in Nov 1883 to the Plewes Brothers of Glen Huron and Bracebridge. Source: Markdale Standard, 15 Nov 1883.

11.0 Township of Nassagaweya,SE present day Campbellville, Isaac Warcup Plewes  proprietor,1858, Grist and Flour Mills.Isaac was the son of James. The mill was at Concession  5,Lot 4, built in 1852, and burned down in 1857 or 1858.Possibly Thomas Barker was Isaac's partner. source,History of Nasagiweya, by J. Norrish 1889)NE of lot 4 is the junction of 16 mile creek and  the Credit Valley railway line.

12.0 Dunedin Grist Mill,near Creemore,also on the Noisy River.James Plewes died after falling into 40  degree F water.Judah Baveman built a sawmill where Huronontario St crosses the Noisy River.Source  Backroads of Ontario by Ron Brown.

13.0 Markdale Mills,(Victor Roller Flour Mill) on Armstrong Creek,a tributary of the Rocky Saugeen River, Angus  Plewes.The mill no longer exists but the mill pond is still there.Angus also owned the Glen Huron Grist Mill downstream from  the Hamilton Mill.Angus was also postmaster of Markdale and owned a hardware store on Mill Street.

14.0 Lowville Mill, built in 1836 for James Cleaver,father in law and partner of David  Plewes.This mill is now a private residence and a City of Burlington Heritage House. Remains of the dam on 12 Mile Creek (Bronte), still exist.
The ruins of the James Cleaver house are located on the Bruce Trail, upstream from the mill.

15.0 Milton Mill,(Martin Mill) 
Sixteen Mile Creek
Isaac Warcup and David Plewes, partners.The mill no longrer exists but the mill pond forms part of a Milton parkette.(Ref Prov Ontario Gazetta and Directory,Henry McEvoy  1869)

16.0 Oakville Mill, Isaac Warcup and David Plewes , partners.The mill no longer exists but a 19 th century painting by Frederick Arthur Verner shows it's location on 16 Mile Creek downstream from  the rail overpass.  Footings can be found at the side of 16 mile creek.Purchased from the Chisholme brothers  in 1870.

17.0 William Airth Mill at Horning Mills, John A Plewes leased it in 1867.The penstock can still  be seen on the far side of the Pine River, about 150 meters downstream from the mill pond dam.

18.0 Boyne Mill at Stanton, Mulmur Township,purchased by John A Plewes( 1847-1930)in 1893,sold in  1903 to Thomas Sterling.Private Residence.

19.0 Mill at Black Bank Creek,Mulmur Township, Lot 25,Con 1,Mary Plewes and James purchased the the  mill site from the McClintons on 2nd of Oct 1876. The flour mill was built and run by James  Plewes,Tom Turell,George Smeal and T Wallace ,until the 1880's, when it burned down.James Plewes died in 1877.

20.0 Stayner Grist Mill on Lamont Creek at Weir and Scott Streets, Stayner, Simon Plewes and James Spence. 
Owned by the Georgian Bay Milling and Power Company in 1920. Producing 150 barrels of flour per day.
James Plewes was also living here in 1873.

21.0 Creemore Roller Mills and Electric Light Works,Owned by Simon Plewes.(1856 -1912) , and his  brother in law James Alexander Spence (1848-1925)

22.0 Possible Mills at Windsor, City Council approved the sale to Isaac W Plewes and William  Shaw,millers of Toronto,a section of the frontage in the factory district, at a price of $1000 per  acre,for the erection of a 100 barrel flour mill. Aug 15,1918,The Orangeville Banner. Under  investigation.

23.Mill on Twelve Mile Creek, at Thorold,Welland, in the 1851 Census ,Alfred Plewes and James  Plewes of Thorold are listed as a millers at the Isaac Overholt Saw Mill at St Johns Village,Under investigation.

24.25.26. Reference to 3 Plewes Mills at Wyebridge near Midland. Under investigation.Province of Ontario Gazetta and Directory,Henry McEvoy 1869. James Plewes,Mill Owner,Lumber Merchant.JP and Postmaster. Son James Stabler Plewes Miller. James Plewes was a partner of Zacharia Casselman in the lumbering buseness based in Wybridge,in  the 1870's.(Simcoe County Archives)

27.00 The Speeton/Peppercorn Mills, one and a half miles from Flesherton. John A plewes paid  $2000.00 in 1886 to the estate of William Flesherton (Flesherton Advance, July 1,1886)

28.00 Eden Mill,Bayham Township,Elgin County,Isaac Warcup Plewes,James Plewes and William before he  moved to the Meadowlily Mill in London.Isaac and James are listed in the 1877 Elgin County Atlas. The mill was located on  Lot 19, Concession 10.

29.00 Mill at Glen Huron, 
Mad River 
Angus Plewes, See 1887 Glen Huron Business Directory.Canada Life  Assurance Co.

30.0 ,McMillan Grist and Flour Mills at Erin , 
West Branch of the Credit River.
leased to Mr Plewes, April 15,1908.Orangeville Banner. Simon Plewes was listed on the 1910 Erin Trade directory. Thanks to Wellington County Museum. On the morning of Oct 31,2013 the Mundell, historic Planing mill burned to the ground. Probably arson.

31. 00 Kirkville,Collingwood Flour Mill, John  A  Plewes,   and his son Robert Leslie Plewes 1889.  The mill pond and mill race still exist on Silver Creek

32.00 Lyndoch,Grist Mill,Delhi,Isaaac Warcup Plewes, His son David Richard Plewes was born here  Sept 1867.The mill was located at Concession 12, lot 3. The owner in 1877 was Abner Wilson.Isaac Warcup Plewes  purchased land at Concession 12, lot 2 in 1882.Source, Eva Brook Donly Museum.

33.00 Mooretown Grist Mill ,Lambton County,Ontario. George Alfred Plewes listed on the 1898 Voters  List.George was also married in Sarnia on 12 Jan 1898.living at Courtright, In the 1901 Watford  Village,Census.George is also listed as a Miller.

35.00 Tollendal Mill, Innisfil,Simcoe County,Ontario.Archibald Ross Plewes was born here in 1858, Spirit of Ages birth announcement.

36.00 Dundas Mills, James Plewes was living in Dundas in 1850, before moving to Thorold in 1851.His son John Plewes was  born in Dundas ,23 March 1850.Speculative,under investigation.

37.0 Colborne,Northumberland County, Jan 1897. Plewes and Spence of Creemore,Ontario have secured  the contract for lighting the streets of Colborne, and will put in an electric light plant. Source: Electrical News  and Engineering, Jan 1897.

38 Flambor West Mill, Wentworth County, Isaac Warcup Plewes's. son James William Plewes, born 24  Feb,1855 at Flamborough West.Possibly a mill at Dundas.

39. Murray A & Co, staple and Murton & Reid (J W Mur- Muskoka LakesSteamship ) PDFwww.collectionscanada.gc.ca › obj
 Plewes at Snider, David. Plewes, Geo Snider, millers, corner of Market and Park,Hamilton. So David Plewes and George Snider of St Jacobs jointly owned a wharehouse in Hamilton, and had interests in  Muskoka Lakes Steamship Co.

40 Bracebridge Bay Flour Mill. John Plewes is listed in the 1886 Muskoka District Directory as a Flour and Feed Merchant. He resided there from 1879 1887.Under investigation.John may have been connected to the Thomas Myers Flour Mill.

41 Coboconk Flour Mill 
Gull River 
 Simon Plewes is listed on the 1920 Government of Canada Flour Mill List.
1910 James MacDonald oil painting, at the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa.

42 Smithfield Village, Brighton Township, Northumberland County, Simon Plewes, 45, Owner, saw mill. 1921 Census Under investigation.

43 Baxter and Galloway Mill, Brant St and the Lake, Burlington 
Purchased by William J P Bunton, Grain Dealer in 1861, from  Jonathan Galloway.
“ Plewis to be his teamster for $150 per year. “
David Plewes is living in Burlington in 1860.
Under investigation  

44 Listowel Mill, on the Maitland River, In 1882, Samual Vogan,husband of Fanny Elizabeth Plewes ran a huge mill. See obit

45 Streetsville Mill 
Credit River 
George Plewes is living in Streetsville in 1846. Listed as a miller on his marriage certificate. 
There are four mills shown in Streetsville  on the 1877 Peel Atlas.
Under Investigation 

46 The Vogan Mill, Walkerton, Bruce County.
Saugeen River
Samuel Vogan and Sons, 1906
Samuel was the husband of Fanny Elizabeth Plewes.
Samuel also owned a hardware store in Walkerton.

47 Strathroy Mill, Middlesex Country,Ontario 
Sydenham River 
Daniel McDermid is listed as a Miller on the 1901 Strathroy Census.
Daniel was the husband of Clara Amelia Plewes.
Sadly, Clara died in childbirth at Strathroy, 1902.

48 Collingwood Milling Company,Flour Mill
Daniel McDermid was injured in the mill in 1936
Partner in the Collingwood Milling Company since 1903.
He later died at Collingwood General and Marine Hospital
Former mill site now Kelseys Road House Restaurant.
Daniel and his new family lived on Beech Street

49 Dundalk Flour Mill
Orangeville Banner, 21 April,1887,
James Plewes Obituary gives former residence as Dundalk 
Under Investigation 

50 Brockville Flour Mill
John Plewes is listed on the 1921 Brockville Census, as traveller, flour mill.
The only mill still producing flour in 1921 was 6 miles north of Brockville at Lyn 
It was huge, 300 barrels of flour per day.

My connection to the patriarch of the Newfoundland Pratts,John Pratt, b Barnard Castle,1839, is through Jane Pratt and Ruth  Pratt, both of whom married into my Hunt line.

Rockwood Academy, Wellington County, Ontario 
Founded by William Wetherald, born Healaugh, NRY Reeth, Grinton Parish, NRY 1820
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